Help the *at least* 239 traumatized immigrant children sent to NYC *that we know of*

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The City of New York Mayor’s Fund is the only fund I know of where the funds can be dedicated to directly provide separated immigrant children with physical and mental health, and other services (due to the unique situation that a whistle-blower informed reporters that the children were being sent to a facility in New York City unbeknownst to City and State officials, and that City/State officials have gained ongoing access to the facility). Here is CNBC’s list of organizations most of which provide legal services and advocacy. Do you research and donate with care to legitimate organizations.

The City of New York Mayor’s Fund has established a dedicated fund to help “unaccompanied immigrant children and families, including those separated and detained in NYC” [by Trump’s policy]. Mayor De Blasio reports that the City is providing mental, physical, and legal services to assist the reported 239 children at the Cayuga Center where they are provided “daytime” services.

Mayor De Blasio reports that children have arrived from the detention centers with lice, bedbugs, chicken pox, and other contagious diseases. Other reports in the press and cable news indicate that there may be as many as 600 children being serviced by the Cayuga Center. Concerns have been raised by a whistle-blower that their staff may be at or over capacity due to the influx of unaccompanied children attributed to Trump’s policy. Their mental health needs are great. Many are too young or traumatized speak. Many do not have contact information for their parents. There have been children as young as 6 months old arriving at the facility.

It should be noted that the Cayuga Center is a “voluntary, not-for-profit agency” that is providing these children with “daytime services” and is not responsible for separating immigrant children from their parents. It is unclear where the children are housed and how they are treated when they are not at this daytime facility.

Update 6/25 11:30 PMConfirmed that at least 600 separated immigrant children are being provided daytime childcare services by the Cayuga Center in New York City alone — One of the many agencies contracted by the federal government to provide daytime childcare services located in New York State. These children have been separated from their parents due to immigration issues. The exact number of these children who were separated due to Trump’s policy is unknown. It was reported at last count that number was 239 and a whistle-blower is concerned it is much more. Most disturbing is that countless other children are being helped by other child welfare agencies across New York State including in New York City (Catholic Guardian Services and Lutheran Social Services of New York), Long Island, and Westchester County and we don’t know the conditions in which these children are housed when they are not at the daytime facilities — With foster parents, in group homes, in foster group detention facilities, or worse, and operated by what agencies.

Update 6/25 11:30 PM – One of the reasons why New York City and State officials were caught off guard and are trying to independently locate these children is that some of the properties are owned by the federal government and outside welfare agencies are contracted to operate the daytime childcare programs.

Update 6/26 12:30 AMThese children continue to suffer traumas that are disrupting their physiological and psychological development. In denouncing Trump’s policy, The American Academy of Pediatrics stated “This type of trauma can lead to lasting harm that can be very difficult for children to recover from… It disrupts the synapses and the neurological connections that are part of the developing brain.” On a personal note, I have helped care for and seen these effects in children, and suffered these effects myself. Despite even the best possible resources, intervention, and loving family environment that we can provide to our children, they continue to suffer the effect years after the trauma such as attachment disorders.

Update 6/26 1:30 AM MSNBC reports on a detailed look inside one military site incarcerating these children (See 6 minutes into the video) characterized by one journalist as similar to a “forward operating base you’d see in Iraq minus the mortar fire”, an internment camp and a “black site”. In light of this new report, it is feared that the children currently being incarcerated in the many facilities across the country will eventually be relocated back to such military sites on federal property out of purview of federal, state and local officials, essentially hidden from view by the press and the public.

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