This my personal blog that contains lists of advertisers that I log while watching the Fox News Channel as well as a journal of how I’ve made different purchasing decisions using this information. The lists are published about once or twice a week and on a best effort basis. As such, they do not contain all advertisers of the Fox News Channel on any specific dates or periods of time. These lists are for my personal use and not intended to be 100% accurate, complete, or comprehensive (but they’re pretty good).

How do I compile my lists
I log all commercials on Fox News (at least) 3 weekdays and 1 weekend per week roughly between 6 am and 11 pm. It’s not a perfect systematic sampling but it’s a good one. Some commercials may differ by your cable provider and location. However after watching Fox News from different providers in different time zones, I’ve observed that the biggest advertisers are consistent across these groups. For example, local ads on one provider may differ from local ads from another. Meanwhile, ads from national companies appear across the country. I then map the brand/product names to their parent companies to understand how much a particular company advertises.

Update 8/13/2018 – I have logged nearly 100% of Tucker/Hannity/Ingraham 5 days per week since February 2018, about 90% of weekday mornings and primetime. I always strive for 7 days per week 10 hrs a day and have always substantially exceeded the 3 weekday 1 weekend minimum.

Why should you value or trust my lists
In addition to the top advertisers of Fox News overall, my weekly lists of advertisers includes the top advertisers of specific programs – Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and The Ingraham Angle. You can easily compile your list for one of these shows for any given week to compare (noting that there will be a slight variance due to your cable provider and location as explained above).

What if I made mistakes
This is a personal blog and yes I’m human and make mistakes. You can always “Trust but verify.” You can verify my work as described above. The effect any small mistakes I make (such as a missed ad while taking a sip of coffee or my accidentally clicking the delete key on my spreadsheet) will be minimal because my goal is to identify the top advertisers over a period of weeks and months. A mistake with one commercial out of thousands should not substantially affect the rankings. Among the average 2500 commercials I log every week, the top advertisers will surface.

Why am I doing this
I try to make socially conscious decisions every day. It is my fundamental right as a consumer in a democratic capitalist society to be able to choose products and services from companies whose values align with my own. I do not wish my hard earned consumer dollars to go towards companies who in turn provide revenue to a news media outlet that reports news in an unfair, misleading, and incomplete manner, and spreads propaganda. It is one thing for a news outlet to lean either conservative or liberal. However, it’s another for a news media outlet to use fear, paranoia, and ad hominem attacks in a manner that degrades fair and rational public discourse.

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