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– 10/25 – Added major 3Q 2018 quarterly summary for Fox News, Carlson, Ingraham
– 11/14 – Add statements from NordVPN and Tena pulling their ads from Fox News
– 11/15 – Added major 3Q 2018 quarterly summary for Fox & Friends, Sean Hannity
– 12/18 – Tucker Carlson remarks immigrants make the US ‘poorer and dirtier’
– 12/18 – Added list of top 50 advertisers of Tucker Carlson 4Q2018
– 12/21 – At least 25 advertisers flee Tucker Carlson.
Tucker Carlson claims that immigrants make U.S. ‘poorer and dirtier’
Update 12/21 – At least 25 advertisers have pulled their ads. Most of the remaining have been silent and few refused to pull ads. However, on his Thursday show, Carlson’s ad volume and quality was down dramatically in the face of widespread protests. The only company among Carlson’s Top 50 advertisers appeared on Carlson–@Bayer @BayerAG which owns Monsanto/Round Up, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, Claritin-D, Coppertone, Dr. Scholls, One-A-Day, Round Up, and more.

“Carlson [faces] a growing advertiser boycott over his recent remark that immigrants make the United States ‘poorer and dirtier and more divided.’” – The Washington Post, December 18 ,2018.

A list of Tucker Carlson’s top 50 advertisers 4Q2018 with twitter handles is posted on our Twitter @ConsumerFX.
• Fox News Tucker Carlson – Top 50 advertisers 4Q2018 (October-to-date) *New*

Also follow the Twitter accounts leading or tracking the Tucker boycott: @JuddLegum @EdKrassen @DesignationSix @slpng_giants @GoAngelo @mmfa @itmediasentinel

“What are we to do, other than vote November 6 to constrain Trump? First, boycott Fox News’s major sponsors, listed here. Vote with your wallet and starve the beast. Get others to join you.” – July 12, 2018, Robert Reich, Fmr US Secretary of Labor, Prof UC Berkeley, and Co-founder of, writing in Newsweek, Opinion: Donald Trump Is A Liar. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

“Trump is ramping up his lies through his main amplifiers: Fox News, his rallies, and his Twitter account. Here are 3 ways you can help stop Trump’s lie machine.Watch – September 7, 2018, Robert Reich, Fmr US Secretary of Labor, Prof UC Berkeley, and Co-founder of

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