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“What are we to do, other than vote November 6 to constrain Trump? First, boycott Fox News’s major sponsors, listed here. Vote with your wallet and starve the beast. Get others to join you.” – July 12, 2018, Robert Reich, Fmr US Secretary of Labor, Prof UC Berkeley, and Co-founder of Inequity Media, writing in Newsweek, Opinion: Donald Trump Is A Liar. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

Advertiser lists and summaries
Laura Ingraham Advertisers (Daily updates; Weekly Summary) *Updated Thursday 8/16*
Top Fox News Advertisers – July 2018 (Monthly Summary) *New*
Top Fox News Advertisers – July 22, 2018 (Weekly Summary)

How to help the at least 239 traumatized migrant children shipped to NYC
Open Letter to All Advertisers on Fox News
Cease and Desist Notice from Fox News (21st Century Fox)