Laura Ingraham Advertisers – Daily Update Episode 2

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– 9/11 – Added link to monthly summary for August 2018

The latest list of Ingraham’s top advertisers is pinned the homepage (and here Top Ingraham Advertisers for the Month of August 2018 (Monthly Summary) *New*)

On June 18, 2018, Laura Ingraham referred to the public outrage over the forced separation of immigrant children from their parents as “hilarious” and the makeshift detention centers for immigrant children as “essentially summer camps.” The next day, Parkland survivor David Hogg called for a second advertiser boycott of Ingraham’s show.

Quote “If we get these advertisers pulled maybe @Ingraham will have to become a camp counselor and learn how wrong she is.
     1. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts
     2. @SIRIUSXM
     3. @CarfaxReports
     4. @AceHardware
     5. @IAC (Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Match) *Dropped*
     6. @Cabelas
     7. @JohnDeere”
David Hogg (@davidhogg111)

David Hogg first called for a boycott of Ingraham’s advertisers the end of March 2018. Over 25 advertisers left during the boycott have not returned. Today, the quality of Ingraham’s advertisers continues to be below the norm.

In the month of May, Sandals Resorts (advertising both “Beaches” and “Sandals” resorts) made up an unusually large portion (20%) of her advertising. My Pillow and Ace Hardware rounded up the top 33%. Notably, Ace Hardware had agreed to stop advertising back in April but later reversed their decision and continues to advertise; My Pillow’s founder is a Trump supporter and refused to pull advertising.

Update 6/21 – Politico reports that IAC (Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Match) has pulled their ads. Other advertisers have declined to comment to multiple reporters on their advertising plans. One news outlet equated the companies refusal to comment to there being “no advertiser boycott”. However, this appears inaccurate.

Over 25 advertisers have pulled their ads after Hogg’s first boycott in March and nearly all have not returned. Also, when you look at the top advertisers of Fox News in May 2018, only 2 out of the 36 top advertisers ran commercials on Ingraham’s program since her repugnant comments on Monday.

Are advertisers quietly pulling their ads, redirecting them to other programs, or avoiding Ingraham outright? We can’t say. However, we can observe that the overall quantity and quality of advertisers on Ingraham’s program continue to be below the norm.

Update 6/26/2018
Last week, one advertiser made up a whopping 30% of all commercials airings on Ingraham’s show. The top 5 make up about 60% of all commercials.

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 6/22/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts30.0%
2. Takl – 8.6%
2. @AceHardware – 8.6%
4. @Cabelas & @BassProShops – 7.1%
4. My Pillow *Won’t pull ads* – 7.1%
Notably Ace Hardware and Cabela’s, and Takl did not appear this Monday or Tuesday; CarFax and John Deere have not appeared in over a week ever since David Hogg announced a second boycott. IAC pulled their ads last week. My Pillow’s founder is a Trump supporter and will not pull his ads.

Update 8/8/2018
Ingraham escalates her race-baiting to new heights with a monologue that was endorsed by KKK David Duke and was swiftly met by strong calls for an advertiser boycott on social media, and harsh criticism across news outlets.
    • Google News Ingraham
   • Twitter Search Ingraham

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 6/29/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts19.5%
1. My Pillow *Won’t pull ads*19.5%
3. @WeatherTech – 4.9%
3. @Scotts_MGro – 4.9%
3. @AceHardware *Won’t pull ads* – 4.9%
3. Lear Capital – 4.9%
Many advertisers from the previous week did not appear this week. My Pillow’s founder is a Trump supporter and will not pull his ads.

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 7/15/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. (local ad/infomercial)
2. @MitsuCars
3. @Bayer AG/Monsanto, @BayerUS
3. @StarkistCharlie
3. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts
Other advertisers – Berkshire Hathaway (@GEICO, @Duracell, @KraftHeinzCo), @eHarmony, @SargentoCheese

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 7/22/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. @HomeToGo
2. @AceHardware *Won’t pull ads*
2. @MitsuCars
4. @Cabelas & @BassProShops
5. @Bayer AG/Monsanto, @BayerUS
5. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts
5. My Pillow *Won’t pull ads*
Other advertisers – @Allstate & @Esurance, Dine Brands (@Applebee’s, @IHOP)

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 7/29/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. @HomeToGo
2. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts
3. @StarkistCharlie
5. @Bayer AG/Monsanto, @BayerUS
5. Purple Mattress
5. @Cabelas & @BassProShops
5. Dine Brands (@Applebee’s, @IHOP)
5. My Pillow *Won’t pull ads*
Other advertisers – NordVPN, NRA

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 8/5/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. @AceHardware *Won’t pull ads*
2. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts
2. @HomeToGo
2. @NerdWallet
5. Ship Station
5. @StarkistCharlie
7. Purple Mattress
7. @Bayer AG/Monsanto, @BayerUS
9. Dine Brands (@Applebee’s, @IHOP)
9. My Pillow *Won’t pull ads*
Other advertisers – Arm & Hammer, @eHarmony, Mile 22 (film), @NRA, @SargentoCheese

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 8/10/2018 (Weekly Summary)
1. @HomeToGo
2. @NerdWallet
2. Purple Mattress
2. @AceHardware *Won’t pull ads*
5. @Enterprise & @NationalPro Car Rental
6. @Bayer/@MonsantoCo, @BayerUS
6. Dine Brands (@Applebee’s, @IHOP)
6. My Pillow *Won’t pull ads*
6. @eHarmony
6. @BeachesResorts & @SandalsResorts
11. @MitsuCars
11. @operationfinale
11. @mile22movie
11. @ShipStation
Other national advertisers –
@Cabelas & @BassProShops, @JennyCraig, @NRA, @StarKistCharlie, @WarrenBuffett (Berkshire Hathaway @GEICO, @Duracell, @KraftHeinzCo, @OscarMayer)

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers 8/19/2018 (Weekly Summary)
Summary will be posted sometime after Friday’s 11 PM show. Here are the daily list of advertisers.

Notably absent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdary are Applebee’s/IHOP, eHarmony, Enterprise/National, Mitsubishi.

Ingraham’s ad volume and quality continue to be down substantially – Roughly 50% compared to February before David Hogg called for the first boycott.

Monday, August 13, 2018
@BeachesResorts+@SandalsResorts(Major Sponsor), @coventrydirect, @JennyCraig, @Salonpas, @sanofi(pharma), @StarKistCharlie, @Trusted_Choice, @USAA, @vandapharma(pharma), @WaxRx, Church & Dwight(Arm & Hammer), Kavanaugh PAC, Prestige Brands (Fleet enema), My Pillow(Major Sponsor, Won’t pull ads)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
@AceHardware(2X)(Major Sponsor), @Bayer+@BayerUS+@MonsantoCo(2X)(Major Sponsor), @BeachesResorts+@SandalsResorts(2X)(Major Sponsor), @ClearChoice, @NovoNordisk, @Rohto, @soclean, @StarKistCharlie, @Trusted_Choice, @VisitingAngels, @WaxRx, My Pillow(Major Sponsor, Won’t pull ads)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
@AceHardware(2X)(Major Sponsor), @Bayer+@BayerUS+@MonsantoCo(2X)(Major Sponsor), @Cabelas+@BassProShops(Major Sponsor), @soclean(2X Major Sponsor),@ClearChoice, @coventrydirect, @HomeToGo , @JennyCraig, Purple Mattress, Takeda (pharma), @vandapharma(pharma), @WaxRx, My Pillow(Major Sponsor, Won’t pull ads), 21st Century Fox (FX Channel, Nat Geo), and films Mile 22 and Peppermint.

Thursday, August 16, 2018
@AceHardware(Major Sponsor), @Bayer+@BayerUS+@MonsantoCo(Major Sponsor), @BeachesResorts+@SandalsResorts(Major Sponsor), @Duracell(@WarrenBuffett Berkshire Hathaway)(Major Sponsor), @Mile22Movie, @NRA, @PurpleMattress, @sanofi(pharma), @soclean, @vandapharma(pharma), @WaxRx, Visiting Angels, 21st Century Fox (FX, Nat Geo)

Friday, August 17, 2018
@AceHardware(Major Sponsor), @Cabelas & @BassProShops, @ClearChoice(Major Sponsor), @JennyCraig(Major Sponsor), @PurpleMattress(2X)(Major Sponsor), @InogenOne, @novonordisk(pharma), @PapillonMovie, @Salonpas, @Sanofi(pharma), @StarkistCharlie, @TakedaPharma(pharma), Home to Go, Kavanaugh PAC, Senior Helpers

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